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pre employment tests


The pre-screening service is invaluable; this small investment paying off many times over.
Our pre-employment assessment can help you:

  • Record baseline health status for newly appointed employee’s so pre-existing medical conditions are identified and not attributed to your workplace.
  • Assess potential employee’s suitability for your job.
  • Monitor the health of employees in relation to any hazards/risks they may be exposed to in your workplace (an often overlooked WorkSafe NZ requirement).
  • Check staff for drug use.
  • Helps minimise recruitment and training costs

What’s involved?

A pre-employment assessment takes approximately 1½ hours to complete (we call it ‘the full monty’).
Potential, employees participate in a variety of questions and physical assessment procedures which can include:

  • A personal related questionnaire, medical history, medications, allergies and infectious diseases etc.
  • Family medical history.
  • Work related health questionnaire.
  • An injury questionnaire including old work injuries that could affect employment.
  • Stress effects
  • Smoking.
  • Nutrition – eating and drinking habits.
  • Physical activity.
  • Muscular/skeletal assessment.
  • Assessment for Cardiovascular Risk & Diabetes
  • Height, Weight, Waist measurement
    – Blood Pressure
    – Heart rate
    – Cholesterol screening
    – Blood glucose screening (for diabetes)
  • Vision – Visual Acuity and (Ishihara test for colour blindness if appropriate / required).
  • Audiometry – hearing test – using latest computer equipment
  • Spirometry – lung function test – Using latest equipment
  • Drug & alcohol testing.
  • Lift requirements (if required)

We provide a pre-employment report on work fitness.

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